Palm Crafted Car Diffuser
Palm Crafted Car Diffuser Palm Crafted Car Diffuser

Wood topped glass diffuser hangs beautifully in any small space including a car, closet, small bathroom... give it a quick flip to allow the fragrant oils to soak into the wood lid diffusing the scent into your space!

Comes with a removable stopper to store when not in use. Can be refilled!

Scents Available:
Hocus Pocus--Marshmellows, Oak, Ember
Oh My Gourd--Cardamom, Pumpkin, Ginger
Autumn Harvest--Apple, Cinnamon, Cedar
Chill Witch--Blackviolet, Saffron, Vetiver
Sacred Smudge--Sage, Lavendar, Cedarwood
Love Letter--Sage, Patchouli, OUD
Chill  B!tch--Jasmine, Sea Salt, Tonka
Enchanted Rose
Beach House

Palm Crafted products are:
- Clean burning
- Non-toxic
- Vegan
- Eco-friendly
- Additive Free
- Dye Free
- Phthalate Free
- Fragrant!