Botanica Incense
Botanica Incense Botanica Incense Botanica Incense

Thought to clear stale, stagnant energy, incense has been used for centuries to promote calm and positive spaces. Botanica incense is made with high-quality fragrance blends, plus essential oils for a long, balanced ritualistic experience–sure to make any dwelling feel like a luxurious retreat. 

Scents Available:
Rainier: wild fern, lupine, lavendar, Fresh moss
Harvest Moon: sacred sage, maize and prairie grass, copal
Canopy: teakwood, water lily, eucalyptus
Savanna: petitgrain, chamomile and santal, baobab fruit
Golden State: redwood and sage, sea salt, california poppy
Nirvana: sandalwood, vetiver, darjeeling tea
Grove: blood orange, lemon verbena, sea salt
Ladybird: bluebonnet, prickly pear fruit, lime blossom

20 Sticks per Package 

$1 FOR GOOD donated to various organizations indicated on each scent.

Made in United States of America