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Dawnelle's Old House: A walk down memory lane...

Well it's been almost a year, how crazy is that? A year ago we were packing everything in our house all because we happened upon an open house a few miles away that had everything we could hope for in a home. It all happened ridiculously fast. Within a week we put an offer in on a house we weren't looking for, finished up construction projects we had been working on for over a year, put our house on the market, and sold it! 


The reality though is when we bought that house we knew it was a five year home. We weren't planning on being there the rest of our lives. There were things that didn't fit what our family and lives needed. When we found our new current home we knew it was perfect. It had the outdoor space our original home lacked. It had a large fabulous space for D+K to grow into while also allowing the business to be moved back close to home. In the long run we knew the new house was one our children could grow up in into their teen years and that thought was perfect!

While we still have lots of plans and things to continue to make our own in the new home, we are settled in and loving it! Doesn't mean I don't get a little dose of nostalgia though when photos of our original Washington home pop up in my archives. I thought it might be fun to share a few with you with the anniversary of our move coming up!



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